This is a video from the first organised hip hop event in the UK. The graffiti side was represented by the Chrome Angelz. Rock City, London All-Stars, Live To Break, Look Twice, The B-Boys, Breakazoids and others were on the b-boy tip and Imperial Mixers were providing the music.

Thanks to Nick Dart.



It has been a very balearic day. These also arrived in the post today courtesy of our friend Piers (who I should mention has a pretty essential looking book out soon – Italo-Disco: A Secret History of Modern Pop). Thanks Piers.


Mix: Ku 1985

May 13, 2011

This one came via Jolyon Green who discovered it on a Spanish forum. It sounds authentic – every so often someone says ‘KU’ on the mic. All it said on the file was KU 1984 Discoteca though the music dates it as more like ’85. One for the hardcore balearic heads.

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Thanks to Jolyon.


Classic buffalo spread from The Face in March 1985 with photography by Jamie Morgan and styling by the late Ray Petri. I’ll run the Warhol piece from this edition at a later date.


Video: Look De Ibiza

March 12, 2010

We posted this one before but it was terrible quality on YouTube so we’ve uploaded it again. This was the holy grail for many people and has been passed around on DVD for quite some time now. As many of you know it was a promotional video by the Ku nightclub in the mid 80s, has an amazing soundtrack (which may or may not have been an inspiration for one of Harvey’s most famous mixes), incredible scenery, great club shots and very balearic people.

Thanks to Phil Mison (originally) and Tim H on this one.


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Peter Nasmyth reports on ‘E’ for The Face in October 1985, taking in stories about The Ranch, a gay club in Dallas, where you could apparently get the drug over the counter for $20 plus $1.23 sales tax. If you had a coupon you got $5 off. It then got banned. Which leads you to think – surely banning something is the best way to tell a nation of people about something? Anyway, the hug drug was about to get known…

Thanks to Matthew J.

Photographs: Dirt Box 83-86

December 31, 2009

These photos of the Dirt Box crowd circa 1983-1986 come courtesy of Hazel Taylor. For our ex-UK friends, the Dirt Box was an illegal drinking den that moved around London run by the infamous club face Phil Dirtbox. As you can see it was a time of amazing clothes, hair and jean shorts on Philip Salon. Thanks Hazel. x.


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