I worked for eight years at a house label and still have a lot of love for the genre which is why it is nice to write about two house records on the bounce. Rush Hour are another label after my own heart with their work with Virgo and lets be honest the Dutch got house in a way that not a lot of countries did. Their clubs were always fun to visit and from the late 80s onwards there always a lot of synergy between the Dutch and English scenes. Anyway, we digress. I think this release is a double pack but its basically top notch house with something for everyone. It fits perfectly with the Running Back release below. Again no soundclips am afraid but check it on Phonica or Picadilly. Nice sleeve too.



Just got the new Running Back in and though I haven’t got my logic up so can’t give you any clips I thought I’d just give a quick heads up anyway. First track comes across like Loose Ends doing a house track and the others also have that sheen of quality. Its, as ever with Running Back, across the board goodness with heart and comes recommended. Get them while you can.


Someone wrote in asking for information on the Gala Drop mix we featured not long ago and I have all the information for you but I can’t find your email. Nelson from the band has sent me a lovely email with all the information you need. Shout if it was you and I’ll pass it on. Cheers!

This one is worth checking. An album played live with no midi and no samples heavily influenced by 70s library music from a team that have previously worked with Money Mark and Shaun Lee amongst others. It’ll be available to buy from your local online store, physical shops and of course at wonderfulsound.com from the 29th of August. Right on.

Bit of a nice line up here for what sounds like a lovely party.It’s all been a bit slow around Test Pressing for reasons that’ll become apparent next week but if you’re north then this looks a safe bet to sink a Pernod and kick off your shoes…

This is an experimental documentary produced by Henry Chalfont, the man behind the most stolen book in the history of UK publishing, about the early days of hip-hop in the South Bronx. Word.

Thanks to Dartos.


This is a nice one. New mix from Adrian, head honcho of Finger Magazine, which features some brand new bits you might not have heard. Some new edits and 3 exclusive tracks – the Psychemagik remix of “that” track everyone is crazy about right now, a Lexx remix of Incarnations and a Riccio Remix of Prommer & Barck’s ‘Pictures Of The Sea’. Mix number 150. Wallop.

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Finger Magazine are here. Check them out.


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