Jon Marsh (The Beloved) On The Best Ecstasy Records…

February 27, 2010

Stolen wholesale from the DJ History thread about the best ecstasy records, here’s Jon Marsh talking about ‘The Sun Rising’.

“too many memories.

thank you for referencing ‘sun rising’ here – my part was written at 6am after going to a ramplings party called ‘joy’ in southwark street, 1989.
i suppose therefore a comedown (in a good way) song, but that’s part of ecstasy too.
for me perhaps the best bit, wiith the right company.

i would never have written it without the preceding transcendent ecstasy experience.

drugs are not for everyone but you cannot negate their relevance to the music of the last 25 years … you would lose 50% of all recorded music if you did that.
(by association/influence/empathy). really…

for the record i think anyone’s fave ecstasy track is a permanent echo of incredible times and moments.
for me ‘let the music use you’ nightwriters @ shoom
‘land of the living’ kristine w @ sound factory
‘give you’ djaimin – tony humphries in a warehouse party…

sometimes you really do just have to be there…. x”


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